The American Ideals Foundation, Inc. 501(c)(3) 

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The AMERICAN IDEALS FOUNDATION, INC. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit

 The Foundation's Mission is to use all of the ARTS to help and assist, COMMUNITIES, INDIVIDUALS,  VETERANS, FIRST RESPONDERS, CHILDREN AND FAMILIES through our various divisions to better their lives in a HUMANITARIAN way, without cost to them.


The American Ideals Foundation was founded by Composer/Pianist Robert A. Moffa and Mercedes A. Moffa to recognize and promote the Arts and to give back to the community without charge.  His inspiration came in the early "60's" from former President, John F. Kennedy, when he wrote to Moffa, the following:

"You are to be congratulated for your contribution to the American ideals worldwide, through your music." 

                                            President John F. Kennedy

The Foundation has been creating legacies for many years, and has been endorsed and awarded numerous times throughout the years.  Performers and artists have been commissioned, recognized and placed, and founder Robert Moffa and the American Ideals Foundation, Inc. non profit has been awarded the Keys to many U.S. cities and given proclamations from Mayors, Governors, State officials, Congress, U.S. Presidents and Leaders of Foreign Countries.


 ***The Largest Undertaking***

 The Largest undertaking by the American Ideals Foundation, Inc. was the "Founding" of the NATIONAL FARMERS' MEMORIAL, which includes several Orchestral Pieces composed, and arranged for symphony Orchestra all hand written music for each instrumental part and Orchestral Score by Robert A. Moffa ....He Conducted the Presentation of this Symphonic  music in Kansas City, Mo.  for the Event and Dedication of the National Memorial****



Proclamations were received from every State and Governor for this Project!

       The National Farmers' Memorial Project: The Orchestra Suite, The American Farmer Oratorio,I am a Farmer was dedicated  at the National Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  A unique memorial , is open to the public and took five years of constant organization and work by the American Ideals Foundation to achieve, along with its personal presentation to Congress.               

MORE  ****   of the Foundation's Projects

 The American Ideals Foundation, is famed for its original projects in the Arts and for Military heroes.  Every project below took years of dedication, hard work and funds to conclude - all for the love of the Arts!    Visit

National Farmers' Memorial Project: The Orchestra Suite, The American Farmer Oratorio, I am a Farmer was dedicated  at the National Agricultural Hall of Fame in Bonner Springs, Kansas.  A unique memorial , it is open to the public and took five years of constant organization and work to achieve.                                      

  Artists in Unity: This project was started in order to join the Arts together for recognition of the Artists, Artwork and public enjoyment.  This project consists of several artists and musicians who have performed and presented their arts at several venues in the past few years.  Moffa is the project's principle composer/ pianist, and the original other renowned artists involved are: Greg Crumbly, the Foundation's Principle Artist, Olympia Zuchinni, Vickie Chelf, and Paul Profopulous.  All artists offer completely different styles and unique artistic talents. 

Military Heroes Project: This special project offers families of fallen military personnel a lifetime legacy of a "Portrait of Life", Original musical composition and performance, Original poetry, and a "heartfelt" Butterfly Release for the fallen Hero, Family and Friends.  Its mission is to keep memories alive of our fallen heroes  through the Arts.  Visit for more information.  

Composers' Concert: At Rowen University (Glassboro State College), this project consisted of the original music of three college students: Pasquale Spino, Thomas Gambino, and Robert Moffa. Their music was Performed by the Concert Band and Glassboro State Orchestra, the composers also conducted.  Moffa performed his original Concerto on the grand piano while Gambino conducted the orchestra.  An Impressive Composition was, "THE BERLIN SUITE" which caught recognition by PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY.  This premiere event is described in Thomas Gambino's book,  THE VAGABONDS, SOLD THROUGH                                                                                 AMAZON.COM. NOW AVAILABLE! ! !       
American Symphony Orchestra of Florida: The Orchestra, conducted by Moffa, offered several performances to the public at no charge.  An example of these programs was Halloween Concert, in Tampa area, an outside-staged orchestra concert with lots of fun and surprises!  Another program from this project was a Fourth of July concert on a barge over the water at Harbour Island, Florida.  Several pieces of the music were composed and/or arranged by Moffa for these events. 

Live Composer Concerts: These include performances of Moffa's romantic/ contemporary piano works such as Romance for Piano, La Nova Vita and Nova Romantica plus piano renditions of Moffa's most famous symphonic orchestra works.  The programs are performed at conventions, fine art series, elementary and middle schools, and universities.  Moffa also presented Youth Musicals, which was very well-received. 

Project Highlights  ( Including Art, Sculptures and Music for Communities)
  • More Projects and Events by the American Ideals Foundation and/or Robert Moffa(A.I.F. Founder)
      A 65-ton sculpture depicting the history of Central Florida placed.
    • "Crosses of Life" music and sculpture recognizing world freedom dedicated.
    • “Fanfare March” and "Winning" sculpture dedicated.
    • “Portraits of Hernando” rhapsody and “The Eternal Chain” sculpture dedicated.
    • "St. Leo Past and Present” rhapsody and sculpture and “The Walk of St. Leo” performed and dedicated.
    • Establishing the American Ideals Orchestra (Moffa).
    • Establishing the American Symphony Orchestra of Florida (Moffa).
    • Numerous concerts with orchestra and choir over the last 20 years, all free to the public (Moffa).
    • Many original plays and theater productions produced by the American Ideals Foundation.
    • Art auctions held to benefit organizations and help artists.
    • The Fine Arts Series with Robert Moffa bringing world-class performers to Florida for the four years.... 
    • Jazz supper clubs to recognize and promote Jazz in Tampa Bay Area
    •  (JAZZ 2 CD available).  Original music of Moffa.

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